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We LOVE Colour and Resin Design

Let us help you create your masterpiece with our collection of resin colours and resin accessories.

our mission

To provide the highest quality of pigments to the market, while providing old-fashioned service and support to our ongoing retailers

Meet Kym

Kym has been an established Artist for 10 years and commenced with painting with Acrylics and then progressed to Oil which saw her learn and develop new skills which she never thought possible. 

Kym has mainly been self taught and has enjoyed the journey immensely meeting some beautiful and now dear friends along the way.

2014 was a turning point when Kym leased a Studio with some other artists and saw and opportunity to widen her skills and learned the art of Picture Framing.

2016 saw an expansion and relocation to the now Kym Gow Art & Picture Framing Studio.

It wasn’t long and Acrylic Pouring workshops were offered with great success.  Then the passion really took off with being introduced to the wonders of Resin Art.  Kym has taught Resin Art Workshops for over 2 years and has become very committed to sharing her knowledge in this wonderful medium.  It’s the colour that Kym is so consumed with.  She just loves it and gets so excited with its possibilities and assisting others.

She has taught students from all over Australia and some even from overseas!

Kym has been successful with many sales of her work across Australia and Internationally and has run many exhibitions alongside her supportive Husband who’s passion is Photography.  She has also received a number of awards for her artwork.

Meet Jacki

I believe in channeling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork here in Mandurah WA. My inspiration for my work is the creative freedom it gives. Yates and Co Studio is born out of a combination of passion education, training and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to open my mind to unlimited possibilities. Resin is uniquely temperamental beautiful glossy medium to work with in an art form. It only has a limited working time before curing starts and often it takes on a mind of its own, which can be difficult to control. Because of how unique Resin is this is why I absolutely Love It!
Working with this medium gives me creative freedom and loss of control to let the universe guide me in a uniquely different way. Resin enables me to create one off different artworks and homewares with movement and mystery given that Luxe effect of a stunning glass like finish to every piece.
This art form offers me new ways of viewing the world.

The love of this medium has grown to the point that when Kym met Jacki it was a perfect match for a business partnership as they were both so very passionate about anything with colour!

Hence “Colour Passion” was born as they saw a gap in the market for support with sincere care for Retailers and Stockists with a solid marketing plan.

“Quality, Creativity, Authenticity, Loyalty, Support, Empowerment”