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PuDuo Resin 32oz Kit (946ml)

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PuDuo Resin Kit

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Bring Your Creations To The Next Level With PuDuo Resin!


Puduo-The Fast Curing resin special formula for artists is excellent for coating, casting and resin art. Delve into your art projects whether you are a beginner crafter or a professional artist. It’s Naked-Zero Vocs and Odor free for better air quality while you work. Puduo Resin has a longer working time of 40 Minutes to allow more time for the creative process. It’s user friendly 1 to 1 Ratio is great for first time users as well as seasoned resin artists. Puduo is professional grade and high performance for all of your coating needs. Add a Crystal Clear high gloss coat to any surface. It has a glass like appearance plus cures rock hard and durable. It produces a gorgeous finished product. Satisfaction Guaranteed, give it a try!


Excellent for Coating, Casting, Glass Coats on artwork, Resin Art, Pour Paintings, Resin Jewelry, Coasters, Tabletop, Cutting Boards, Live Edge River Tables, Epoxy Wood Creations, Dirty Pours, Coating on Acrylic Pours, encapsulations, figurines, great for use with silicone and more! Get amazing color, clarity and effects when adding color to your resin! Gorgeous when used with Mica Pigments, pastes, resin dyes, alcohol inks and more! We offer detailed instructions for the different uses to help you achieve the best results for your art or project. Recommended for indoor use only.


  • Crystal Clear
  • 100% Solids
  • Self Leveling
  • Easy 1 to 1 Ratio
  • Longer 40 minute Working Time
  • Gorgeous Effects with Pigments
  • Color Stability

*Actual time to demold will vary higher and lower depending on a number of factors including temperature, humidity, additives, ratio inequalities, and not mixing thoroughly. You should expect flexibility until fully cured. Resin will usually cure between 24-72 hours. In some cases, it may take longer.

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Dimensions 21 × 11 × 14 cm


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